Wednesday, 25 February 2009

woe is me

ruby eating a bar of soap (method white tea)

I'm having one of those days ... my poor baby girl has croup and it's just awful. She is miserable. Her bottom eye teeth are still slowly making their way and she's a little pitiful puddle. We're not getting much sleep. Thankfully Grammy Sue is down again taking care of us. I'm beginning to feel like I've been bitten by the bug too ... or it could just be that I'm falling apart at the seams - literally.  A follow-up doc visit earlier today explained why I am so tired and lethargic lately. It turns out I'm anemic!  I also found out that some other things are not where they should be - calcium, thyroid and LDL (the bad cholesterol). So, it's time to turn things around and focus on getting healthier. The days of me forgetting to eat, drink and take care of myself are over. I also got a cortisone shot in my big toe (on the arthritic foot). Ouch! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


One of these days I will get to posting about how my almost 15 month baby is doing ... like how she is now in the 90th percentile for height, 50th for weight and a size SEVEN (!!) wide foot and is getting her 4 eye teeth all at the same time.  But for now Kaneu is busy perfecting the cabbage patch. What can I say - my boys got skilz!

Friday, 13 February 2009

knock knock


I'm still here ...

I really am still here. I, like so many of you, have had a hard time posting lately. I can't seem to get my thoughts together. This is just a random post of the last week and a half. I promise I'm gonna get my act together. Brian comes home tonight and hopefully after a restful weekend I'll be back to "normal".  Ha!

Philly was a very fun little get away for us girls.  Ruby did great on the flights. They were 40 minutes long, so really, how bad could it be?  It snowed a ton, which was so pretty to see. We got to meet Laila and Audrey, who were born in June. Ruby had a lot of fun playing with their toys and sitting in their bumbo seat, bouncy lounger and jumparoo. She would wait, not so patiently, for the girls to rotate so that she could get her turn. The nights were really rough though. Painfully rough. I will update on her attachment in another post ...

Philly: Ruby awaits to get in the lounger
lovin' the jumparoo
hangin' with the twins

Weekend in Nova (northern Virginia)
We took a little road trip. On Friday we stayed at my mom's house. The plan was for her to watch the kiddos while Brian and I celebrated his birthday with a date night - dinner and a movie. We made it through dinner but the movie , which didn't start until 10:35pm, never happened.  I guess my 89 yawns during dinner told Brian that I was a little sleepy.  I was really, really disappointed to miss the movie, but have to admit that the extra sleep was soooo nice. I slept like a baby ... probably because my baby was in the room with Grammy Sue. Thanks momma!! 

On Saturday we attended a Korean New Year celebration for adoptive families. It was really nice to be surrounded by other adoptive familes AND our friends we met in London, who have since moved back to VA, went also.  It was great to catch up with them.  Saturday evening we  visited with some old friends we haven't seen in a really long time. Brian was tickled that his birthday wishes came true - Mexican food and ice cream cake ... and many, many margaritas. Sunday ... well, Sunday sucked.

Saturday: Korean New Year festival

the ladies fawning over little miss ... she love the attention!
watching the drum ceremony

Sunday: breakfast with new friends

Sunday morning: road trip home in jammies!!

Sunday afternoon: clothed and a special trip to pick up a new movie

Monday: babycchino for my baby
Tuesday: trying out our new chair
(the shadow makes her head look huge ... but I just love that smile)

We are having insanely warm weather. I LOVE it!!  We have been spending lots of time outside. It is supposed to get cold again this weekend - Boo!!  

I am so lame. I just realized Valentines' Day is tomorrow. Anybody got any good ideas I can borrow??  First I totally lamed out on Brian's birthday ... by handing him a card as he walked out the door to the airport. Shame on me!!! I really need to make it up with something sweet. Need.Your.Help!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

no he didn't

I feel like a lame blogger lately. The days roll by and when I finally sit down to write I am scratching my head and trying to recall what we've been up to, what the kids are doing or saying and all that I can come up with is this ... a few funny things that have come out of Kaneu's mouth.
  1. tonight at dinner, out of the blue, he says  "you know that raisins make you go poop?"
  2. and last night at dinner, with friends that we haven't seen in a very looooong time, he announces that "my bottom, my bumbum, has a hole in it" (and then of course he erupts into a fit of giggles while slapping and wagging his bottom)
  3. during the superbowl he pulled his pants down and mooned a friend of ours. seriously
So, you see what we've been dealing with around here lately?  Oh, and did I mention that during our parent/teacher conference I was told that Kaneu likes to smack his classmates bottoms? Not exactly sure what is going on with that kid. And, just to bring it full circle ... a few days ago Ruby pooped 4 times in about 3 hours. Today? Zero. Tomorrow?  Yikes!  Here are some pics of my little lady in Philly.

I'm single mama this week and am hoping, wishing and praying that Ruby sleeps. More on that tomorrow. Trip to Philly was wonderful but we didn't get much sleep. 

p.s. happy birthday brian!! xoxo

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

our boy

mr. serious

A little update on our big guy ...

Kaneu is 4 years and 7 months. In 5 months he will turn five years old. We will have a five year old. He will go to kindergarten ... and then before we know it he'll be dating. I can't deal.

He is growing up SO fast. His shoe size is now a 9.5!  He is wearing a 4T but still has some 3Ts that fit just fine, and I have to admit that makes me happy.  He is really into watching Peter Pan, though there are some parts that he asks us to fast forward through because they scare him. He wants to have a pirate themed birthday party. He does not like Sponge Bob (thankfully!). If it comes on then he immediately asks us to change it. He says he's "kinda freaky". I agree.

He loves his sister. He has been assisting in washing her hair during bath time. He loves to pat her (big!) belly. Tonight he asked if there was a baby inside of it?!  Does that give you an idea of how big it is? Before her last doctor check-up he told me he was "worried for Ruby" because she was going to get shots. He is sweet to the core. He would also like to have a baby brother ... so he tells us. 

He tells me daily that he misses his "home" in London.  It breaks my heart.

He is a boy.  Today he laid on the couch watching television with not one but BOTH of his hands down his pants.  What. To. Do??  Brian was proud.  He was just holding on to his bizness, which isn't a big deal and is normal, I know. But we are gonna have to have "the" talk about privacy. Any tips??

He is the words police. If he hears you say the word "hate" he immediately says "don't say hate!".  We are very cognizant of the kind of language we have used around him so when friends or family are around and are throwing around the "h" bomb he is quick to correct them. He'll even suggest they try to reword the sentence so it sounds better. He likes to abide by the rules ... most of the time.

There aren't words to describe or explain how incredibly blessed and thankful we are for our boy. Oh, we love him so ...


Monday, 2 February 2009


Last week I took the kids to a portrait studio for their Hanbok photos. I am not a big portrait studio kinda gal, not really into all of the props, etc. But I think they turned out pretty cute. Kaneu will soon outgrow his Hanbok. We bought him a new one in Seoul, but this one is really special because it was given to him by his foster mom. Hopefully she'll be tickled to see him in it one last time. 
Not too crazy about the black background because their hair disappears. I think Ruby looks like a doll. I can't decide if it's adorable or kinda creepy.

And just so you know how tiny he was when he first wore his Hanbok. Here is Kaneu on his 1st birthday!!  

Sunday, 1 February 2009

week in review

Well, we survived another work week without Brian. Thankfully he is home and we have been enjoying a lovely weekend together as a family. Here are the highlights ...

  1. Grammy Sue visited
  2. Kaneu did so much better this week while Brian was away. I think it helped that my mom was here. He had some sad moments but we worked through them.  After Brian returned home he hugged Brian's leg and said "I'm so happy you're home Daddy".  And then my heart melted
  3. Ruby said "ball"
  4. We celebrated Sol (Korean New Year). I had high hopes that I would be cooking at home this year but we opted to eat out and I'm so glad we did. There is only one Korean restaurant in our city (seriously) and it was incredible. We had a feast and the staff were so kind. Can't wait to go back
  5. Meme visted (see #6)
  6. Brian and I went to a concert and were by far the oldest people there
  7. Met my new little nephew, Nevin. He is a tiny little peanut and so sweet. Love him
  8. Celebrated Ruby turning 14 months with icecream cupcakes from Maggie Moos ... omg, to die for
  9. Had a kitchen fire ... let's just say that we are fine ... but I won't be cooking after a sleepless night. Thankfully I am in love with all of Trader Joe's frozen foods that are not only healthy but also easy to prepare in the microwave
  10. Cracked a twin-yolked egg - wierd!

Ruby and I are going on a little girl's trip tomorrow ... up to Philly to meet some new little ladies that were born over the summer. I am excited about it. I haven't seen Abby since her baby shower last April and I cannot wait to get my hands on the twins!!  We are flying, even though it's only a 4 hour drive.  We had extra miles and so I figured I'd much rather get there quickly, oh and we only have one car so if I drove Brian and Kaneu would be stranded!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

14 months

Our baby girl turned 14 months yesterday!!  I feel like she is growing up so quickly. The days and weeks fly by and she is doing new things daily. I can't keep up!  

Lately she wants to feed herself. She loves using (playing with) utensils while she eats and will let you know (scream her head off) if she's unhappy that you're not allowing her to use them.  In fact, she has become very vocal in general. We are learning that little miss has a BIG temper. Watch out. She's had a few tantrums this week where she throws herself on the ground. She does not like to be told "no".  We know this because it usually results in tears and lots of wailing. It's pretty pitiful.   So, yeah, she doesn't like to be told "no" but she loves to tell us "nee" (no), especially when being fed something she is not interested in. And she loves to shake her head. She definitely gets the concept of what it means. The girl is S-A-S-S-Y!

It also appears that Ruby has a jealous streak. If Brian or I are sitting with Kaneu in our laps she will wedge herself between us and try to push him out of the way. She also likes to use him as a step to stand on. Thankfully he is very patient with her when she does this. While I was holding my little newborn nephew she attempted to pull this stunt and when I stood up she wailed. I think this is actually good in terms of her attachment to us but is also a little frustrating. Oh, but we love her so much. She is loads of fun and is a really sweet girl. She says "mama" and I get the warm fuzzies. She loves bows but does not keep them in. She loves to pull them out and put them back on her head but doesn't know how to work the clip.  She is mesmerized watching birds chirp in the trees. She loves to snack. Her new fave is frozen grapes ... good for sore gums.  She also freaks over popsicles. If anyone is eating anything at anytime she fully expects that the food will be shared. She loves to look at pictures of herself. She gets the biggest grin on her face and giggles. She loves to slide down the stairs on her belly.  She sings. It's hilarious. She loves to sing while rocking in the chair, usually followed by her stand-up routine. I love her personality - she is spunky and sassy.

I love this baby so much. Happy 14 months Ruby!!

p.s. these bows really do kick ass!