Tuesday, 30 March 2010

the par.tay

5 Americans + 1 Brit + 5 South Africans + 1 Swede

= House Party!!!

Last weekend we had a lil' house party. This is what the house looked like on Sunday morning.

And here's what we did for most of the day ...
In the afternoon Brian went for a run
I wonder what the neighbors think ...
while I stayed horizontal on the couch

Shockingly I took zero pics during the party. I'm disappointed but we'll just have to do it again because we had a really fun time. The food and drinks were super easy to pull together thanks to one of my favorite magazines. My friend, Sarah, gave me the recipe for her white peach sangria. Here is the recipe - you must try!!

1 bottle of dry white wine
3/4 cup peach flavored vodka*
6 tablespoons frozen lemonade concentrate*
1 pound white peaches, pitted and sliced
Ginger ale or club soda (not much, just for a little fizz)
Combine wine, vodka and lemonade concentrate. Stir. Add sliced peaches. Chill for at least an hour. Add a little ginger ale or club soda just before serving.

*I couldn't find peach vodka so we used plain and added a little peach nectar. Also frozen canned juice is unheard of in the UK so I used a sparkling Sicilian lemonade because "lemonade" here is basically Sprite*

After we ran out of the above ingredients we moved onto Passionfruit Cocktails. Yummmmmm. There are only 3 ingredients: Vanilla vodka + passionfruit juice + champagne = a lil' slice of heaven.


Elizabeth Frick said...

I HAAAAAAAAAATE waking up to a kitchen like that! I like your avoidance tactics of being couch potatoes :)
And I love the kids' "hangover" look.

Dina said...

Caipirinhas for Rick & I on Sat night and that looks exactly like our Sun morning only minus the run part!

ourgoldenchild said...

wow! looks like fun. oh wow i miss rosie...haven't seen her in awhile.

Janet said...

Love all the PJs...and your dog is the cutest! Love the mixture of sippy cups with cocktail glasses in the kitchen...the sign of a good party for sure!

kerryanne said...

Oh, YUM.

Hannah said...

We had SO much fun... and I was on the couch too. How did Brian do it?! xo

JEN said...

The stroller picture is HILARIOUS.

Amber said...

Found you randomly here on blogger, your photographs are beautiful. Very sunny indeed!

Krista said...

PJ time - awesome. I am going to try that sangria soon - sounds very yummy!

Krista said...

P.S. LOVE Real Simple too!!