Monday, 14 June 2010

exciting times

Last week while I was putting laundry away Ruby was teaching "pinky", her beloved yoohoo bushbaby, how to poop on the toilet. Thankfully my phone was close so I could capture the cuteness.


She was so proud of Pinky and kept repeating "I helped Pinky poop on the potty. She is a big girl.". As I said on a previous post we have been trying to work with her on numero dos. I promised Ruby we would have a party if she would poop on the potty. Four days after the "pinky potty training" she made us proud and pooped on the potty all by herself!! While Brian was gagging on cleanup duty Kaneu and I were jumping up and down clapping our hands.

After Kaneu's football practice we enjoyed a pub lunch followed by a "I pooped on the potty" cupcake party at my favorite local bakery. I caved and had a cupcake - rose flavored. It was so delish. I savored every bite. At lunch we got to check out the latest Banksy graffiti art. It's the current talk of the town.

Ruby's Party

On Wed afternoon we will have Kaneu's birthday party. His actual birthday is not until July but we are having it early before everyone from his class goes away for the summer. That will be my next post - how to put together a superhere/world cup birthday party in less than a week! Wish me luck!


Lyndsay said...

Yay Ruby!!

(And WHY didn't I think about cupcakes for potty celebrations?!)

But wait - rose flavored? Like the flower?

robinsonsarewaiting said...

What a little darling! I think a cupcake is a perfect way to celebrate!
Good luck with the party!

willowsmama said...

Hilarious...number 2 is a big deal! Go Ruby, Go Ruby!Ya and I'm with the first comment, Rose flavored? Inter-rest-ing....

Hannah said...

Way to go Ruby :) xo

Amanda said...

How sweet is Ruby?! And what a big girl she is becoming!

That graffiti art looks so cool!

kelly said...

Good going Ruby! I guess she was inspired by Pinky. And maybe thoughts of a cupcake? That is definitely the way to celebrate #2. I'm intrigued by the rose flavor.... sounds like it could be very good (or weird).