Saturday, 25 September 2010

hey jude

Just a quick note to say that I survived a horrible stomach flu this week. Ugh!!!! On the bright side I managed to lose 5 pounds. Yay!! But more importantly - it's the weekend! And that means Kaneu's football practice which means we will get to feast our eyes on the lovely Jude L*w. Oh ... didn't I mention his son and Kaneu play on the same league? Hmmmm ... silly me. Can you spot him??



Elizabeth Frick said...

Shut UP! Jude Law? I'm totally using you in my next game of Six Degrees of Separation. B/c apparently I play that all the time?
Sorry about the flu, but YAHOO for 5 pounds!!! I guess that's the one redeeming factor of getting sick.

kelly said...

Um, NO, you didn't mention that! I'd be looking forward to those soccer games all.week.long! Is he the one in the jeans and black leather jacket? You need to get a better photo of him this weekend so we can all drool :)

Congrats on the 5 pounds! When I get sick, I always assume I've lost weight but I never do - whatev!!!

Amanda said...

I can spot that cute behind from a mile away!!! How cool is that?!?!

Glad you're feeling better - and yay for 5 lbs!

Krista said...

Super Jealous! That is the coolest thing!
Sorry to hear you were sick - let's hope that is the only bout of stomach flu for the fall & winter!

Lyndsay said...

Glad you're feeling better. And I second the request for a better picture this week!!

Kristin said...

Jude Law?!?!?! OMG...dying!

Glad you're feeling better and enjoying the one and only plus of the stomach flu... :)

carolyn said...

i just spit out my drink!

i think you should suggest the "team party" at the end of the season be at your house!!

glad you're feeling better-

Kerry said...

Charmed life, lady. Charmed!!!!! ;)

I can't believe you get to see that cutie every week!

Dina said...

No way!! I love Jude Law!! Break out the zoom lens LOL!! Feel better soon.

Mary Kim said...

You're kidding? I knew I had found my new best friend the minute we met... so when's the next football practice? Haha! Zachary started nursery last week. I'm having withdrawal issues more than he is. Sniff sniff. Hope you're doing well!

Cath e LF said...

Good night, dear.
I am Brazilian and I fell in love with your blog, mainly because of the photos.
You are super talented.
See my blog too:

Christine said...

Excuse me while I go pick my jaw up off the floor. Please beg, borrow, or steal a hi zoom lens for the net game... ok?! Thanks! ;-)

Sorry about the bug, but nice about the weight! Good job finding the silver lining!